Hannah Abdel-Hadi



Hello, I'm Hannah. I'm just about to start an undergraduate degree in October 2016 at the University of Warwick in Politics, International Studies, and Global Sustainable Development. As shown by my degree choice, I am passionate about sustainable development and it's ambitions to make the world a better place through both political and NGO means. I have been buying Elephant Branded products for years and have always been inspired by ethically-run businesses such as EB that promote change in a constructive way, but also promote it first and foremost for the younger generation and their education, while simultaneously providing a product that is both trendy and practical. Starting university seems like the perfect opportunity for me to finally be able to promote Elephant Branded to a larger audience, and do my bit to help these children across Africa and Cambodia, even in the smallest way.

I sent the summer of 2015 in Costa Rica with the sustainable development charity Raleigh International, helping with a Natural Resource Management project. This taught me the importance of sustainable materials and the perils that beautiful landscapes and animals face around the world with the growing risks of plastics in the oceans and other non-environmentally friendly practices. For me, Elephant Branded not only represents helping poverty-stricken communities, but also with its bags made out of recycled cement and rice bags, represents steps towards helping and encouraging more environmentally friendly retail practices. Elephant Branded is a global project and business that inspires people from environmentalists to humanitarians to the general high-street shopper, and I cannot wait to be able to spread and share their message further.