EB TOTE (Wild Range) + Cambio Coffee Aymara Blend Bolivian Coffee

EB Tote and Coffee Gift Set

We are delighted to have teamed up with Cambio Coffee to introduce a new gift set to warm you up this winter. Combining ethical products from across the world to make one great set this Christmas. 

Each gift set includes one EB Tote (wild range) and one 100gram pack of pre ground Cambio Coffee Aymara Blend.


Cambio Coffee Aymara Blend


Part of Cambio's Bolivian family range. 

David Champi has been growing coffee in the high-altitude region of Caranavi since he was 5 years old. After many years, David has become the President of his cooperative- a group of 308 small coffee farmers. This Aymara Blend is a carefully chosen mixture of the best coffees that David’s cooperative has to offer. He wants the world to know their unique coffees, their lands, and their stories.


Origin - Bolivia

Flavor Notes - Floral - Brown sugar - Honey - Peach - Berry

Medium Roast 

RECOMMENDED FOR: French Press or Pour Over


EB Tote (Wild Range)

Hand crafted from recycled rice bags by villagers in Cambodia, for every one of these bags you buy, we hand deliver a school kit to a child in Africa or Asia. Simple as that.

The main bag body is made from recycled rice sacks. The yellow and brown material come from locally sourced motor bike seat covers.   

With a zip-able main compartment, its perfect for travelling, beaches, books, weekends and even shopping!

Sizes: Height 36cm, Width 35cm, Depth 6cm

Email me when available

  • Purchasing this will provide a stationery pack to a child in Africa or Asia.