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    One Elephant...One Idea. Supporting education in Africa and Asia.

    Why do some children have the right to an education whilst others don't?

    One Elephant...One Idea. By buying one of our products, we donate school kit to children in Africa or Asia. Simple as that.

    Our mission

    To make a positive, long term, sustainable change to the communities that produce our products and the children that receive our school kits. One Elephant...One Idea.

    What we do?

    Its name is Elephant Branded and the idea is simple. You buy one ethically made, recycled bag or related product and we give one ergonomically designed school bag and kit to a child in Africa or Asia. Simple as that. We pay a fair, competitive wage to local villagers who make our bags out of locally sourced, recycled materials. Not only do they get a fair, reasonable wage but they also have the opportunity to learn valuable skills that permit them to have a sustainable, effective way to get out of poverty. Then we sell it to people like you.

    The Elephant has just stepped outside. Now we have to keep him there.

    Eb cnn

    Meet the team

    James Boon

    James set up ElephantBranded after working in Africa and Asia. Shocked by the basic lack of School equipment he wanted to make a positive difference! James regularly goes back to stay with Pry and Mey in Cambodia and is always working on new designs while trying to spread our message. Email

    Alex Hartley

    Alex's main activities involve managing Elephant Branded online. From developing and maintaining the website and shop, to implementing the internal processes and systems that allow EB to function effectively in an environment where every member of the team is a remote worker. Email


    Pry is the creative genius behind EB, he was the one with the idea and vision to turn old cement bags into bags and works closely with James on our new ranges of products, finding new materials and making sure everything in Cambodia runs smoothly.


    Mey, is Pry’s wife and the business head behind all of our operations in Cambodia. She splits her time, between working out prices zip and linings, to looking after her two children, Boyboy and Tomas, who are both very energetic and fun!

    The EB Reps

    Gemma Saggers
    Matthew Young
    Alexandra Surtees
    Jessica Taylor Johnson
    Chantelle Yeung
    Sabina Law
    Finn Delaney
    Lauren Stewart
    Melissa Smith
    Mary Parkes
    Alan Corman
    Jenna Brown
    Malyneath Vong
    Patricia Martos
    Kendall d irwin
    Louis Lam
    Zayn Young
    Enya Troughton
    Daniel Stromack
    Claire Erskine
    Sam Johnson
    Katherine Brewster
    Erin Clegg
    Aaron Barry
    Toby Blake
    Emma Tadman
    Matthew Barnaville
    Andrew Keat
    Matthew Penfold
    Jadon Mayhew
    Georgina McInnes
    Pete Southerill
    Max Pilgrim
    Alex Marshall
    Tim Pugh
    Rosie Boon
    Ashleigh Atkinson
    Jessica Brand
    Tom Müller
    Louise Panayides
    Ceylin Torgay
    Fatema Lookmanjee
    Philippa Marshall
    Amiee Harrison Armstrong
    Oliver Walker
    Shola Pitman
    Chris Yau
    Anthony Veluz
    Omar Elkhomssi
    Venus Chan
    Betty Lai
    Bei bai
    Melanie Zimmermann
    Emily Jennings
    Katy Ruffy
    Charles Gould
    Callum Dooner
    Daniel Radcliffe
    Karol Kung
    Jacquelyn Briggs
    Zubeyde Burcuhan OYSUL
    Elisa Leimer
    Elise Langevin
    Emily Hendershot
    Suhail Rizvi
    Amina Begumhan Oysul
    Hannah Abdel-Hadi