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We are delighted to have teamed up with Wren designs in South Africa.


Wren is a design and manufacturing studio located in Cape Town, South Africa that produces lifestyle accessories such as bags and laptop sleeves that are hand made from recycled cement paper that is fused to cotton for strength and coated with Nano liquid glass to be water resistant.



The story starts with an unused Pretoria Portland Cement paper bag is the beginning of each piece. (Have a look at www.ppc.co.za to see the original packaging.) Production takes a while, but it’s worth it. We separate the layers, remove the top and third layer of the bag and fuse them together. Bonding them with black cotton means that durability is never compromised. From there, you can treat it like any other fabric. We draw the pattern, cut it and stitch the bag together. And we’re quite pleased with the result.

The PPC Cement Laptop Bag is as practical as you can get, too. There are two sections and two pockets: carry your laptop cables in one pocket and an iPhone or mouse in the other. A padded divider separates your laptop from any other papers or notes, and the entire inside of the bag is also padded to protect everything that you carry inside it.

After stitching we coat the bag to make it water resistant – so yes, you can use this bag even when it is raining!


Weight 840 g
Dimensions 39 x 6 x 26.5 cm

Adjustable cotton strap. Maximum length 132cm.


The bag closes with two magnets discreetly hidden in the flap. P.S. Do not worry, these magnets are not strong enough to cause any damange to any electronic device.


Nanotechnology Liquid Glass


Pretoria Portand Cement has given permission for this product to be manufactured and sold using the original cement paper bags.

Email me when available

  • Purchasing this will provide a backpack to a child in Africa or Asia.

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