Sierra Leone - Regent Baptist School

Elephant Branded donated 500 School bags to Sierra Leone.

In one of the special Church services, Pastor Johnson took the opportunity to distribute the school bags across the four corners of Sierra Leone, as follows:

  1. Tombo (Peninsula, Freetown)

  2. Tonko Limba (Nothern Province)

  3. Moyamba (Southern Province)

  4. Kono (Eastern Province)

  5. RRBC (Western Area, Freetown)

  6. Tree Planting (Western Area, Freetown)

  7. Freetown Cheshire Home (East part, Freetown)

The bags are really being used; they too arrived at the right time - the beginning of the academic year. They are proving very useful together with the school packs. For disabled students, it makes it easier to carry their educational material in a ruck sack and free up their hands to use their crutches or wheelchairs. A real blessing!