New York

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I moved to Dallas, Texas at the age of 12. After 4 years of being in an all-girl high school, I went off to Central Pennsylvania for college double majoring in Communications and Japanese. During my 4 years in college, I also went abroad to Florence, Italy and Hokkaido, Japan where I studied art history, languages and danced. As a cultural lover, I now live in New York City to work in marketing and advertising.

I love yoga, dancing, art, eating and volunteering! I dance and eat everywhere I go. Sometimes I walk around with my eyes closed and just follow my nose to chase after the good food! As a New Yorker, I go to brunch every weekend too, so I am excited to parade around with EB product and share the story with everyone in the city!

Fun fact: I used to fence and my fencing coach called me the "Tiny Dangerous One."

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