My name is Katy - in my 20s, the age of mind expansion. I am currently working and living in London - making my way up in the film industry as a Camera Assistant - that's my day job. However in my spare time I fill my world with as much learning about the outside world and how I can be involved in positive contributions in what can appear to be a tough, harsh and destructive world at times.

Lots of Love to all.

Lil K.

I am yet to make my move on the chess board of life, still pondering from the other side of the table. But it's leaders and initiatives like Elephant Branded that inspire me to be involved and develop further ideas that help to keep people's focus on the world and individuals themselves, and that of which me must protect and sustain, from the overburden of capitalistic corporations that have self gain and destructive natures rather than development and equality in mind.

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