I'm a law student and the university of Leeds. I am studying abroad in Sweden as an Erasmus student. I would like to work in the international/european human rights and environmental field.

As my interests lie in the humanitarian and environmental field I feel that I would be suited to representing elephant Brand at my university.

I have volunteered in the Ecuadorian cloud forests and this has enabled me to understand that it is important to local people to be given the tools to help themselves, rather than just being handed the solution.

In the same way Elephant Branded is helping children by providing them with books to further their education, the group and I helped the local people of the cloud forest in their day to day running of the tourist eco-lodge as well as learning from them the ways in which the forest can provide sources of income other than farming from 'slash and burn'.

I am also studying abroad in Sweden this year and, if it is possible, this would be a great way of expanding the reach of Elephant Branded's message and products.

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