Ankara, TURKEY

Hi! I am Burcu!

I am currently a junior at Bilkent Laboratory and International School (BLIS).

I can speak three languages: Turkish, English and German. I am learning Chinese. My Chinese level is B1. I play the piano and I am taking the London College of Music examinations for it (I'm in Grade 5) I am a Crimean Tatar and I have an active role in the youth branch Crimean Tatar Society in Turkey. We try to keep the Crimean Tatar culture alive.

In the future, I want to study economics and international relations and I want to have a job about development economics, international trade or political economics.

I learned about Elephant Branded during James Boon's talk at TEDxBLIS and wanted to be a part of it. His talk really inspired me. I was afraid to even think about trying to do something unconventional (according to our society) and/or try to make a difference like Elephant Branded does. After the talk, however, I realized that we do not have to have a desk job and life a 'typical' life.

His talk really inspired me to look around and try to help people, make a difference.

I guess joining Elephant Branded, my inspiration is the first step.

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