Olivia Eadie



Hi, I am Oli (short for Olivia…. but I am definitely an Oli as Olivia is far too serious!)I am a keen sportswoman and love the outdoors. I travel at any possible opportunity. I love the arts and am currently enrolled in a performing arts school where I will be performing in a theatre performance in London in March. I find fashion wonderfully exciting and want to play a role in developing the industry towards a more sustainable model. Oh, and I love cooking and entertaining and run a small catering business to keep me out of trouble!I truly value the strategy and concept of Elephant Branded. It is these sorts of companies that will influence the future. Having read Politics at Bristol University I became very interested in the politics, economics and societal factors within the development model and assessing states and markets globally. I am an advocate toward the need, ability and mutual benefit that can arise from such partnerships as seen in Elephant Branded. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, many dinner table conversations revolved around business and the associated opportunities and challenges.I am excited to be an ambassador for Elephant Branded as a force for good! I hope to connect many others to the brand and see our tribe grow!

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